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Apart from keeping your vehicles secure, garage doors form an important secondary entry to your residence or office and provide an extra layer of security for other valuables. Garage doors are not just significant from a security standpoint, but also add to the beauty of your residence. However, with aging and effects of weather, garage doors may exhibit loss of efficiency and show signs of wear and tear. Such instances need a thorough repair and maintenance job from professional garage door companies and that is where Eagle Garage Door Service comes in.

Eagle Garage Door Service provides quality garage door services to commercial and residential clients in North Salt Lake, UT area at affordable prices. Our team of technicians is known for their expert knowledge and quick response and is relied upon by countless customers for routine maintenance and repair services. We also install new garage doors made with the finest, hand-picked materials that last a long period of time requiring minimal service.

Eagle Garage Door Service experts

Eagle Garage Door Service North Salt Lake, UT 801-984-0190We dedicate our resounding success to a team of capable technicians who never fail at any kind of job. Over the last 10 years, the residents of Eagle Garage Door Service have come to trust our experts for all their garage door needs, be it maintenance services, replacement of springs, installation of new doors or any modern upgrades. Our service comes with a promise of quick response, high-quality work and 24 x 7 availability, which is why we are preferred over any other garage door company in North Salt Lake, UT. Each and every technician at Eagle Garage Door Service has undergone in-depth training in sophisticated door mechanisms and has the knowledge of various components that goes into the operation of your garage doors, such as openers, springs, materials, etc.

For us, hiring highly-skilled and trained experts isn’t enough; we regularly train all our technicians and ensure that they are abreast of all the modern residential and commercial garage door needs. Garage doors are extremely tricky and use heavy-duty material that cannot be fixed by untrained individuals. Our experts ensure that all the sophisticated parts of your doors are aligned properly and can perform other technical tasks like repairing loose torsion springs, installing new garage door openers, etc. We are able to deliver solutions to all types of needs, no matter how challenging, due to our technical expertise, years of training, and know-how of sophisticated tools.

Quality assurance

We only use high-quality materials while building your garage doors and equip our technicians with modern toolkits to ensure quality results. And we don’t just handpick our tools; all Eagle Garage Door Service technicians are personally selected from a pool of talented individuals and undergo rigorous training to master their skills.

Affordable service

We believe that quality comes from the heart, not money. Despite providing quality garage door services, we are the most affordable firm in all of North Salt Lake. With several of experience, our technicians have a great eye for the best quality door struts, openers, doors, receivers, and other components and pick out the ones that are not just durable, but affordable too.

Ready for anything 24/7

A broken spring can be fatal to your garage door and may lead to damage of assets. If your door is off-track or as torsion spring has come loose, it is inadvisable to wait for an ideal time to get it fixed. Eagle Garage Door Service provides exceptional garage door services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our technicians ensure that they don’t let a dysfunctional garage door come in the way of your daily activities and work overnight to fix it. Whether you want to install weather stripping for your door or replace your old garage doors, call us any time of the day and we will be at your service!

Need quality garage door service at affordable prices? Call Eagle Garage Door Service - the best garage service in North Salt Lake, UT - for all your needs.

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